Comparison between SEM and SEO

Comparison between SEO and SEM that helps you to have business

Post byPrashant Rai 1 02/20/2019

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The foremost thing about the business is that it should be reached to a number of people, even when they do not need your product at the instance they will reach you when they need them. In the aspect, you have taken the first step in your success when you choose the medium to take your product or service to your people.

For them in the best area is through online. Whom do you think that they are no using the internet in the present days? There are a number of Social Media and search engines that people use. When your product or service appears there it is so obvious that there are a number of chances to reach your customers. Here, you can find about SEO and SEM that helps in the promotion of your business.

According to Wikipedia:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is the method that helps in the optimization of your website and you can have natural traffic when many people visits as the results of search engine searching. You do not need to pay for the organic traffic but you will need to pay for search engine optimization and the cost depends on the competition and the market that you are targeting in your business.

In simple words, you might have seen certain companies that come as your search in any of the search engines this actually happens as the result of SEO. This is actually to make customers who are interested in your products or service to visit your page. This may happen through organic traffic or through relevant keywords as well.



According to Wikipedia:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

It makes you have required traffic through the search engines, you can either pay or buy them or through sponsored ad listing.  SEM is an advertisement that is based on per day clicking where certain platforms of social media and search engine help.

AEM aims to have higher visibility and the right kind of traffic in the search engine. For which you will require a strong and dynamic strategy to have the best business and to make the right investments.



Features of SEO

  • It helps in boosting your brand awareness when there is proper technical support from the experts.
  • It enables you with higher conversion rates through the search that you have.
  • You can enjoy long term returns but you will need to wait initially to have positive results.
  • It enables to have higher traffic.


Features of SEM

  • You can have efficient results
  • Most relevant and precise targeting options
  • You can easily track your people who searched for your products and make the conversion easier.

SEO and SEM in your business

Both SEO service and SEM service are the marketing strategies that help you in your business. They are unique and they can be used in several ways. Here are certain areas where they show their uniqueness in business.

  • Customer life cycle: consider a case that you are launching a product for short time validity like one month or three months, you cannot wait for a long time to have results from SEO and before that your product validity time may get over, in those instances it is better to use SEM since that can be higher visibilities in short span and have more conversions.
  • When you want high traffic for your site: there are certain studies evidenced ranking on both paid and organic search will lead to the incremental clicks as the overall result, at such instances you will be in need of both the techniques, SEO and SEM.
  • Based on competition on paid search: in some cases where each click cost a particular amount and you may not have profit and so it is not advisable to opt for SEM and you may choose SEO technique.
  • When you wish to have a trial: through SEM you can have more quickly and also you will be able to know the value of particular keywords and also you can choose them according to how your customer’s needs and how they search for your products.

There are also certain other factors that help you and some time even confuse you to choose between SEO and SEM for your business promotion. You can choose them according to analysis that is done on your industry and it is good when you avoid guessing works since every time guesses will not give your appropriate results. It is also better when you choose both as your platform for your business promotion since they are actually investments and both helps in its own way to promote your business.

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