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Post byPrashant Rai 1 10/14/2018

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We reside with images in an era in love. Before you see people snapping away at everything: the selfie, landscapes, humorous animals, you do not have to look far. The access to sophisticated and ever cheaper cameras and camera phones mean that nearly everyone sees the effects and may take photos. And, of course, there’s Instagram and Pinterest. These pictures show no signs of slowing down and combined. Taking this into account, it is not surprising that a percent of all photos were taken in the last year.

What does this mean for content marketing?

Can you harness the power of pictures, and what could they do for you? What can pictures do for your content? Engagement – Including images in your content increases the probability of people participating and reading with your article. It is because individuals are naturally attracted to intrigued by images. Compared to clickable articles 30, this tendency extends into the sphere Facebook posts including pictures get an average of 37 involvements. Do not be lured to stick any picture, however, the image’s quality is of significance. Using images can make your organization might be a direct turn off for a client who bothers to read your content, and look amateur and lazy, however well crafted it may be.

And on the flip side, a good image could make your entire page look more appealing. Using clever, top quality images will provide a better, more professional impression of this particular organization and may implicitly foster trust, meaning that prospective clients will be encouraged to read what you’ve to say. Help with understanding and buying decisions – Some sorts of pictures, like diagrams and graphs, could even help readers to visualize more readily the points you are making within the body of this particular text, so these should definitely be considered if this particular subject matter is challenging to grasp or technical in nature.

Failing to do so might result in some readers becoming confused and simply giving up on this particular post. In case your company operates in the e-commerce sector, then the use of good pictures becomes even more significant, and in addition, you need to think more practically. Customers want to see precisely what it’s you are selling, to see whether it matches what it’s they would like to purchase. For that reason, it’s strongly advised that you’ve multiple images of every product in order that your prospective clients could best visualize it in 3D and create an informed decision.


Content marketing is very important in this era because Google gives first priority to content and also high quality and unique content.  And also, for content marketing is important for digital marketing.

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